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 After your Tattoo session has finished, The Artist will apply some ointment this will keep the area moisturised, hold the ink and take away some of the 'stinging' sensation. The Artist will then wrap the area with Demalize Pro (a protective barrier similar to Clingfilm), to prevent any dirt or Bacteria going on your new Tattoo. You should keep the Dermalize Pro on for around 24 hours ( as recommended via www.dermalizepro.com ).

Making sure your hands are clean, remove the Dermalize Pro with non - scented antibacterial soap (anti bacterial with aloe vera is fine)and gently wash the tattoo in a circular motion with lukewarm water. Remove all excess ink, blood and plasma build up. Pat dry with a clean sheet of kitchen roll. Leave to air dry.

Continue the same cleaning process everyday (do not soak the area in the bath and avoid direct contact with water in the shower, apply soap onto hand then rub gently on tattoo, wet hand and clean off excess soap). Again pat dry with a clean sheet of kitchen roll, only this time you will apply a thin layer of ointment (not too much but enough to make the whole area shiny).

DO NOT WRAP AGAIN as the tattoo/skin needs to breathe to start the healing process. Continue using this (Ointment) 2- 3 times a day for 7-10 days until tattoo is healed. After 7-10 days switch to/apply a layer of Palmers Cocoa Butter a couple times a day for the next few days ( you can continue to use as a daily cream after, as a hydrated tattoo always looks better and keeps it looking fresh)!

The Whole process should take around 14 days to heal, up to 6 weeks to fully heal. The tattoo may appear red/swollen for the first couple of days, do not worry as this is normal, just keep following the aftercare. Rarely, the tattoo may have some light scabbing (usually colour tattoos) DO NOT pick or scratch it as it could remove some of the pigment, there for leaving the area patchy. Just apply a small amount of Ointment. If the tattoo begins to itch gently tap the area.

WHEN HEALING DO NOT; expose the tattoo to sun, Pick/Scratch, Soak in the bath, Work out/Sweat excessively, Go swimming, Sauna, Tanning or anything you feel will compromise the healing of your tattoo.

*Once fully healed apply moisturiser regularly and also Factor 50 sun protection cream when exposed to sun.